Access for visionOS

Access for visionOS

About Access

Access provides secure storage for your personal information. It is designed as a native visionOS app and pairs great with Keychain/System Passwords on visionOS and other Apple platforms.

Your information is kept up-to-date across your devices through iCloud. iCloud encryption ensures that your data is inaccessible to the developer, Apple, or any third party.

For privacy and security, Access is free from ads, logging, or tracking of any kind.

Access is built with pure Swift, SwiftUI, and SwiftData, with zero third-party dependencies and APIs.

For an added layer of security, Access supports authentication with Optic ID.

No sign-up or any separate account is required to use the app.

Supported platforms

Access is built as a native multiplatform app for visionOS, as well as iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS.

Data Protection

Access is using Apple’s iCloud encryption with CloudKit’s encrypted fields. All data is always encrypted in transit and on server with Standard data protection. If Advanced Data Protection for iCloud is enabled, all data is also end-to-end encrypted.

Please visit this page for more information on iCloud encryption.

Access+ Subscription prices

Access allows users to add the first 10 items for free (no trial required), then requires Access+ subscription.

  • Canada (CAD): $9.99/year, $1.99/month, $34.99 Lifetime
  • United States (USD): $9.99/year, $1.99/month, $24.99 Lifetime
  • Europe (EUR): €9.99/year, €1.99/month, €29.99 Lifetime

Built in Canada

Access is built by Andre Baev and Simon Gardinier, an independent team of developers based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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If you have any questions about Access, please contact us at [email protected]

App Previews

Access for visionOS Access for visionOS Access for visionOS

Customer Testimonial

…The reason for my enthusiasm was because I believe the app is exactly what I need. I am currently a subscriber to 1Password. For reasons that you will be familiar with, I, like many others, have decided not to renew that subscription. My plan is to use Apple’s Keychain as an alternative. But as you of course know, 1Password can be used to store more than just login credentials, so I have been looking for some means of storing the non-password information. The often touted solution on various forums is to use a password-protected Apple Note. Yes, this would work, but I was looking for something more structured, more professional. I believe your app fulfils this requirement, and is the answer to my need.

2024 Roadmap

  • Deeper system integration: details TBA later this summer
  • Ability to add document photos and scans
  • Support for more document types